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Our Northfield Orthodontic Services

TenBrook Orthodontics always provides their patients, both children and adults, with the highest standard of orthodontic treatment in a comfortable and caring environment. Since everyone is different, we offer a variety of choices... from bright colors to clear braces; invisible to Invisalign. Visit one of our TenBrook Orthodontics offices for a free consultation and you'll be surprised at how many options are available!

Advancements in technology and materials have made braces sleeker and more comfortable than ever before. Why wait when you could be on your way to a happier smile today? We offer a range of orthodontic services to give you the stunning smile you’ve always wanted.

T1 Braces

One of our specialties is affordable braces for people of all ages. And with our special T1 bracket technology, your braces won’t be uncomfortable or too expensive. In fact, we offer affordable payment plans for you.


We also offer Invisalign for those who don’t want brackets no matter how comfortable they are. These invisible trays will straighten your teeth as well, as long as you can keep them in your mouth all day.

Teeth Whitening

Finally, we also offer ZOOM! professional teeth whitening. Whether your teeth are stained with years of coffee, juice, tea, or just normal wear and tear, our teeth whitening can give you the sparkling smile you want.

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If You’v Been Thinking About Improving Your Smile, Why Wait?

Dr. TenBrook and staff are looking forward to helping you create a beautiful, healthy, radiant smile and forming a lifelong relationship with you and your family. Come in and experience the difference at TenBrook Orthodontics! Our team has years of experience, and we have 11 convenient locations, so contact us today for a free consultation in Northfield, NJ!

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The TenBrook Orthodontics Difference in Northfield, NJ

You Deserve the Happiest, Healthiest, Most beautiful Smile Possible!
With TenBrook T1 braces you get more than just straight teeth! Our doctors will take into account your unique facial proportions when aligning your teeth, bite and smile!​ We'll create a smile that looks natural and perfect for you!

Why Choose Us?

Less Time in Braces  
Many treatments are finished in 1 Year or Less! We average 6-18 months to complete most orthodontic cases for your best smile!

We Value Your Time
Less travel time to the orthodontist; in fact our patients will normally be treated in about 10 appointments; compare this to the 20 plus visits you will have to endure with traditional brace treatment. Less time at the orthodontist means less time away from sports, school, and other activities.

Less Money
Most orthodontists charge 20% down or $1500, TenBrook Orthodontics averages 9% down payment, with Low monthly payment plans!

Perfect Smiles
Incredibly attractive broader smiles with Dr T’s own smile arc form and attention to detail.

With 11 convenient locations throughout south jersey we are no more than a 20 minute ride from almost anywhere; including Delaware and Philly. 7am-7pm appointment selection, including some Saturdays! Now that's convenient!

Our Range of Services

  • Affordable braces: We offer braces for both children and adults, and we specialize in T1 bracket technology that provides less discomfort, affordable plans, and faster treatments. Talk to us to see which treatment option is best for your teeth.
  • Professional teeth whitening: TenBrook Orthodontics offers ZOOM! Whitening service for immediate results. If you want to enjoy a dazzling smile that you’ll want to show off, we can help.
  • Invisalign: If braces with brackets aren’t your thing, we also offer Invisalign. These convenient and nearly invisible trays will straighten your teeth without the minimal discomfort of braces.

When you come to us with a smile you’re unhappy with, you’ll leave with a smile you love. With years of experience and high-quality services and equipment, we’re confident you will enjoy working with us in Northfield, NJ. Fill out our contact page today.

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