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About TenBrook Orthodontics

Patient-centric Care. Innovative Orthodontic Technology. A Winning Combination.

The TenBrook Smile: Faster Results, Wider Smiles

At TenBrook Orthodontics, our goal is to give every patient the very best experience possible.  We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, we focus on each individual patient, delivering personalized, quality care every step of their journey. From our front office team, to the clinician staff and orthodontists, we truly care about our patients and giving them the experience they deserve on their path to transforming their smile!

Dr. James TenBrook recognized early in his orthodontic career that improvements could be made to the braces that were being put on everyone’s teeth. Even during his time at MUSC, Emory and Harvard, Dr. T was trained in traditional treatment of orthodontic issues. Traditional braces use wire ligatures or elastics to bind the archwire in place, causing friction and pressure. It can add to plaque retention, puffy gums and poor oral hygiene which can lead to damaging the valuable enamel which protects your teeth. This causes discomfort and can often slow down the treatment process.

Dr. James TenBrook at the Harvard University Dental School & Hospital
Dr. James TenBrook at the Harvard University Dental School & Hospital

He knew that braces shouldn’t be a multi-year commitment, even in the most challenging cases.  So, he went on a quest to develop a product that is proven to move teeth more naturally and more quickly than traditional braces. He named it the T1 treatment, his first of several orthodontic inventions that he has brought to market.

He spent time studying, creating, developing and partnering with chemists and manufacturers to bring his T1 braces technology to the market, lecturing globally, and training other orthodontists in the treatment process.  He selected a US manufacturer so he could stay close to his invention to maintain the quality necessary for the best outcomes.

Dr. TenBrook lecture on T1 Braces
Dr. TenBrook lecturing other orthodontists on T1 Braces technology.

With a winning mindset, TenBrook, a Millville, NJ native and former competitive athlete, knew he needed to find like-minded orthodontists to support business growth to allow him to focus on more innovation.  Dr. JD Dudani and Dr. Noor Tarazi joined Dr. TenBrook in his practice and have become an integral part of the TenBrook Orthodontic team as they provide TenBrook solutions to patients across Cumberland, Atlantic, Salem, Gloucester, Burlington and Camden Counties in New Jersey.

Yes, we’ve won many awards, voted on by patients, but our biggest reward is our patients’ smiles and the joy it brings us to see the results using TenBrook technology!

The Power of Three

Three decades later, TenBrook Orthodontics has 8 locations across Southern New Jersey, within a stone’s throw of Philadelphia and Northern Delaware. With practices reachable from Shore Points and city suburbs, Dr. TenBrook and his team have treated over 25,000 patients from adolescent to adult.

With three board-certified, experienced orthodontists, TenBrook Orthodontics brings innovation to the forefront of the industry to make orthodontics better, easier and faster with the most effective solutions for every patient’s needs.

TenBrook Orthodontics has 8 convenient locations in Southern New Jersey

Whether you are a parent looking for the best orthodontic solutions for your child or an adult looking to transform your smile, TenBrook Orthodontics offers technologies for you to achieve your smile transformation, and give a boost your self-confidence.

With three different TenBrook technologies, T1 self-ligating braces, T-Clear transparent, nearly invisible brackets and teeth-color matching wire system, and Candy Braces, the same great TenBrook technology in six bright colors, TenBrook has your orthodontic solutions covered. And if braces aren’t for you, TenBrook also provides Invisalign clear aligners. Zoom Teeth Whitening will brighten everyone’s smile.

TenBrook Self-ligating System
3 different TenBrook technologies for your best smile

TenBrook is different for many reasons but when compared to other orthodontics practices, as we focus on constant improvement in three important areas:

  • Faster Smiles
  • Superior Technology
  • Personalized Care

The benefits to TenBrook patients are numerous, but we are locked in on the three that we have been told mean the most to them. Convenience, Comfort, and Care.

You live a busy life and time is valuable. Our T1 braces were designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. With fewer visits and less treatment time, you have more time to do the things you love.

The T1 system is designed to move teeth naturally, faster and more comfortably. The rounded edges, smaller bracket design and fixed wire placement promotes natural teeth movement for less friction and soreness for every patient.

Dental insurance coverage details vary with each policy, so talk to one of our specialists about your insurance. We also offer flexible financing options to fit your needs making braces affordable and the decision to move forward with orthodontic treatment easier.

Our team is trained with the most up-to-date methods. Most important, they care about you and your smile. We provide one-on-one care, and answer all of your questions before, during and after treatment. We are here to keep our patients happy!

Celebrating Our Patients and Team

On any given day, patients walk into a TenBrook location to find our clinical and reception team dressed in the theme of the day be it favorite sports team jersey or a seasonal event like Halloween or other holidays we love. We are a lively bunch who genuinely enjoy each other and our work.  We celebrate our patients in several different ways that can only be described as Authentically TenBrook!

Dr. TenBrook with Young Patient
Dr. TenBrook and a young patient showing their allegiance to their favorite baseball team!

Wall of Fame Signature
– Patients start their TenBrook journey with bonding if in braces, sometimes a pre-treatment appliance, and of course, tray impressions for Invisalign, we always like to see the dates they started and ended their smile transformation. We promise faster and better results, and our wall proves that every time!  We celebrate these beginnings with patients signing the wall at a TenBrook location.

Orthodontic patients celebrating
Some of our patients celebrating their success at our TenBrook Wall of Fame

Walk of Fame Photo
– At the beginning and end of every patient treatment journey, we take a photo with the clinical team and Orthodontist to celebrate the amazing smile transformation. We are as excited as our patients to see the results. And we love to post our weekly patient visits, debondings and patient stories!

TenBrook Orthodontics patient with a big smile
A young patient smiling big with our caring team

TenBrook ABCs: Anniversaries, Birthdays & Children

We have a large team here at TenBrook of mostly women. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and babies every chance we get. We are a close-knit team even though we cover a lot of ground from Marlton to Marmora!

If you want to know what we are up to, check out our social pages where we feature our patients and team at every TenBrook Location!

Dr. Dudani and staff
Dr. Dudani and staff celebrating a birthday

We Are Growing and Changing

The TenBrook formula of superior technology, faster results, and great care make for a perfect recipe for growth. You will notice a few changes in our brand and locations. While our look may be changing, the consistency of results and service are not. While we grow into new locations that offer a concierge level of care, our team and our quality remain the same. Over the course of the next year, our locations will be getting a make-over to stay up-to-date with our patients and their needs.

With 8 locations across Southern NJ, convenient to Greater Philadelphia and Northern Delaware, and our Mays Landing opening in early 2022, TenBrook Orthodontics is on a mission to:

  • Create a patient’s best smile in a patient-centric environment
  • Deliver faster and efficacious patient results using the TenBrook patented treatment system
  • Acknowledge that each patient is different and offering them choices to match their style and preference
  • Develop trusting and respectful relationships with all who are connected to TenBrook Orthodontics
  • Consistently provide an elevated experience pre, during and post-treatment across all locations with authenticity and excitement
  • Address issues with honestly and transparency to move quickly to solutions
  • Provide the highest level of tools and training for our TenBrook team

Our Core Values

Innovation – TenBrook technology delivers excellence, as we strive to bring the difference every day

Authenticity – Bringing integrity and trust to every relationship.

Celebration – Every result deserves to be celebrated.

Teamwork – Together we create an elevated experience and consistently surpass expectations.

Patient Focus – Your smile, your style. If the patients are happy, we are happy, too!

Constant Improvement – Our technology, process and team are always improving to be the best they can be.

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