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We Make Kids Braces Fun & Easy

With TenBrook Braces, your child will have a new smile in nearly half the time – with minimal discomfort – compared to regular braces.

The Best Orthodontics Available for Your Child

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Girl in TenBrook T1 Braces

T1® Braces

Give your child a perfect smile in nearly half the time compared to traditional metal braces.

Our patented T1 braces straighten teeth more efficiently and with minimal discomfort. They’ll give your child a new, bright smile a lot sooner!

T1 Braces
Girl in TenBrook T-Clear Minis

T-Clear Minis®

Nearly invisible to the eye, our tiny clear braces provide the same benefits as our T1 system.

This means your child will get faster results with less soreness. Best of all, most people won’t even know they’re wearing braces!

T-Clear Minis
TenBrook Candy Braces

Candy Braces®

Make braces fun with TenBrook’s Candy Braces! These are not your typical braces with colored bands.

Our Candy Braces do more than look cool. Your child will get the same benefits as from our T1 Braces and in a cool color of their choosing!

Candy Braces
Girl in TenBrook T1 Braces

See Why Kids Love TenBrook

Is your child uncomfortable with the idea of getting braces? After all, wearing braces can require frequent trips to the orthodontist, periods of discomfort, and even frustration.

Fortunately, our staff is well trained in understanding your child’s needs. With our advanced T1 bracket technology, your child’s treatment time and level of discomfort will be reduced significantly.

Our TenBrook team also strives to create a fun, relaxing, and wholesome environment – to give your family the best orthodontic experience possible. We’re always available to answer any of your questions or concerns!

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Skip Spending Years in Braces

We know that kids don’t want to spend years in braces. Unfortunately, that’s how long most orthodontic treatments take.

Dr. TenBrook invented the T1 and T-Clear braces to straighten kids’ teeth in nearly half the time compared to traditional metal braces. Most of our kids spend many months instead of many years wearing their TenBrook braces.

In as little as three months, your child will be able to show off their improved smile! Friends and family will notice their amazing looks right away!

Only one year and two months for their perfect smiles!
Teen in TenBrook T1 Braces

No More Hidden Smiles

Let’s face it, it’s no fun having crooked teeth. Many kids can feel awkward or uncomfortable, hiding their smiles especially as they enter their teen years.

Fortunately, we provide several orthodontic treatment solutions to fit our younger patient’s needs. In no time, your child will be amazed at the brand new smile seen while looking into a mirror. And best of all, TenBrook smiles last a lifetime!

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Investing in Your Best Smile

We Offer Different Payment Plans for Your Needs

Choosing TenBrook Orthodontics for your orthodontic care is an investment of a lifetime. We provide flexible payment plans to help make orthodontics more affordable for you and your family. That way you can get the smile you’ve always wanted without worrying so much about your finances.

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Your happiness is our priority. That's why our TenBrook Team wants you to feel comfortable, from the first time you walk into one of our offices and after the moment you leave with your brand new smile. We deliver happy patients with personalized orthodontic care!

Our orthodontic specialists and expertly-trained staff provide individualized services for your orthodontic needs. We strive to create a fun, relaxing, and wholesome environment, and we are always available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

TenBrook has also been chosen as one of the best orthodontists by South Jersey Magazine.

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