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Why Choose TenBrook Orthodontics

The TenBrook Smile: Faster Results, Wider Smiles

All smiles are not made the same. It takes an expert who understands your needs and your underlying anatomy to get you the best results. Did you know that a few millimeters can make you look 10 years older or younger? With the correct diagnosis and treatment of your facial needs, you can get a more balanced profile, fuller lips and a more attractive facial harmony that is long-lasting with the proper care.

The TenBrook system of smile design is an elite system that starts with the archform. This is a balanced ellipses that is in balance with your face. The TenBrook treatment method utilizes lighter forces that activate your biology differently than traditional braces and aligners with little to no side effects like you see with these more traditional methods. Forces to move teeth are more biologic and uniform, giving you the most optimal tooth movement, with less pain and faster results. And faster results mean fewer visits as the TenBrook method is a three-phase process that ensures the best results in less time than traditional braces.

Teeth are guided into position and into your smile’s ideal arch form through a balanced tooth movement that is delivered by the light wires and T1 braces technology, created by TenBrook. This method gives patients the ideal look for their face where there is perfect alignment of your teeth and in balance with your lips, cheeks and tongue. Unique and personalized to you. Your smile perfected by TenBrook.

Lisa's before and after photos with TenBrook T1 braces
Lisa is a busy working woman who wanted the facial changes that come with teeth alignment. Within months, Lisa noticed the difference as her hip lifted and became fuller with her new smile using TenBrook’s T1 Self-Ligating System.
Sarah's before and after photos with TenBrook T-Clear Minis
Sarah is a busy mom and emergency room nurse. She says TenBrook braces are the best investment she has ever made for herself. 12 months in T-Clear Minis®.
Mason's before and after photos with TenBrook Candy Braces
Mason celebrated his 10th birthday wearing TenBrook Candy Braces®. Early orthodontic treatment moved his teeth into position in 3 months. Once he loses his final primary teeth, Mason will start is next treatment phase with TenBrook.

The TenBrook Smile Transformation

Almost all adults and teens are looking to improve their smile, but don’t want to be in braces forever. And busy schedules mean you don’t have time for multiple visits to the orthodontist.

Invented by Dr. TenBrook, our unrivaled T1 and T-Clear braces are a highly-advanced, low-friction, and light-force system with a biomechanically-enhanced design that’s unlike any other orthodontic treatment in the world. Traditional braces are no match for TenBrook technology. With the bracket and wire system and TenBrook archform, your teeth move faster and in fewer visits to the office!

With T1 braces, you can get a perfect smile in half the time of regular braces. The results are unmatched as patients transform their smile with less soreness than traditional braces.

Get the Perfect Smile in Half the Time

See results in weeks, not years! With our advanced T1, T-Clear and Candy Braces technology, you see results more quickly and in fewer visits to the office.

Patients in the first phase of treatment at TenBrook have seen results as fast as 3 months with crowded teeth and misalignment.

The custom-fit T1 system offers low and continual force, transforming your smile to much quicker than traditional braces.

With their efficiency and sleek design, TenBrook braces deliver optimum tooth movement for each unique patient, most seeing the difference within months!  

See the TenBrook Difference!

Personalized Care

At TenBrook, our experienced team makes every patient feel like a rock star! We customize every experience to each individual. Under the care of Drs TenBrook, Dudani and Tarazi, and our clinical and reception staff, each client is evaluated, and then given options from tiny and transparent to color or metal brackets depending on your treatment. There are even archwires that are designed to match teeth color to make your braces nearly invisible. No other practice offers this variety of style and color to their patients along with Invisalign and Zoom Whitening. We always deliver expert care and the best results to keep our patients happy! We treat our patients like family.

It’s pretty easy to see why TenBrook Orthodontics is recommended across Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Northern Delaware for offering the best care.

Low-Profile Braces Deliver Your Best Smile Faster

It’s the 21st Century, and you shouldn't be wearing the wear the big, clunky braces of the past to get the stunning smile you deserve.

  • TenBrook brackets are much sleeker and smaller than regular braces, giving you a way to straighten your teeth that’s much less noticeable and much more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • TenBrook’s T1 self-ligating braces technology puts the pedal to the metal moving teeth faster and more comfortable than traditional braces.  If you are looking for an invisible option, TenBrook’s T-Clear braces system are both tiny and clear, so people will notice your smile and not your braces while you feel like your braces are hardly there at all!
  • TenBrook’s Candy Braces have the same benefits of T1 and T-Clear, but come in six fun colors to add a little pizazz to smile transformation. While kids love these color Candy Braces, adults and teens have partaken in the fun of a colorful smile!

Traditional Versus TenBrook

Traditional braces are bigger and higher profile and use elastic or wire ties that increase friction and put pressure on your teeth. They can be more painful, lead to slower teeth movement, and sometimes require the removal of healthy teeth to make space for the braces to work.

This approach is often uncomfortable, takes longer and can leave you with a narrow smile.

TenBrook braces are smaller and have a lower, sleep profile that uses a self-ligating cap or door, eliminating the need for unhygienic, dirty looking and irritating wire ties. The TenBrook brace and wire method creates a fuller, broader and more natural looking smile that is delivered faster and in fewer visits.

The TenBrook method is less painful than traditional braces. In fact, after a few days, many patients forget they have them on while seeing the results as their teeth move!


Fewer Appointments, More Comfort

Dad and child

Don’t spend years in braces and hours in the orthodontic chair! Get TenBrook!

Dr. TenBrook designed T1, T-Clear and Candy Braces brackets with patient comfort in mind. Our braces are self-ligating, allowing your teeth to move with much less force than regular braces, which means you’ll feel little to no discomfort versus traditional braces.

And fewer appointments means less time missing work or school, and more time doing the things you love with your friends and family. 

More Reasons to Choose TenBrook

Easier to Clean

T1, T-Clear and Candy braces are much easier to clean than traditional braces. The smooth contours of TenBrook brackets follow the anatomy of your teeth with rounded corners and natural pathways for food to wash away from your braces. When your braces come off, you’ll have a whiter, cleaner smile thanks to TenBrook technology.

More Style & Color Choices

TenBrook is making braces cool again while helping you get your best smile in half the time of traditional braces. With options like our tiny, transparent T-Clear bracket system to the colorful brackets of Candy braces and our original T1 metal bracket and archwire system, you get your smile in your style.

High-Quality, American-Made Materials

T1 and T-Clear braces and archwires are all made in the USA. TenBrook Braces use the most advanced technology and highest quality materials, including Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) archwires.

Made in the USA

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