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TenBrook Featured in Marlton Family Magazine

TenBrook Featured in Marlton Family Magazine

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Marlton Family Magazine with Dr. TenBrook on the cover!

Are braces on your budget?

Thanks to our T1 technology, TenBrook Orthodontics is able to offer more affordable braces that start at only $2,999.  We save our patient an average of $2,000 per child! In fact, our average patient is in braces for approximately 12–18 months with only about 10 visits. You'll see results in one year or less!

Tell me about  T1 TenBrook Self Litigating System: how does it work, what do patients have to do, how long does treatment last, and roughly how much does it cost (and does insurance cover it?)

I designed the TenBrook T1 Self-ligating System to improve the patient experience. The T1 bracket is designed to reduce friction and optimize arch wire performance. I can now move teeth with about one quarter (1/4) of the force, which research shows is healthier and more physiologic for tooth movement. What this means for my patients is: I can move teeth now with little to no pain!

In addition, I can align teeth in about 2–3 months and treat many patients for malocclusion in about 1 year!

The other big advantage with this technology is I can treat my patients in less time with fewer appointments (10 on average), resulting in lower treatment costs that I pass on to my patients. Due to this advanced technology, I am now able to charge fees I havenʼt done for over 15 years! Our average fee for braces is now $3999; this is around a $1500 to $2000 dollar savings compared to the average cost of braces.

Itʼs a win-win!

Our patients save money and get great treatment in less time.

Our patients are happy, because they know they got an exceptional value for their great smiles.

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