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7 Ways Straight Teeth Can Boost Your Confidence

7 Ways Straight Teeth Can Boost Your Confidence

We all know the famous movie scene: An attractive person walks on screen, only to smile and reveal a mouthful of crooked teeth. 

The last thing you need when making a first impression on a date or during an interview is to have a smile you’re not proud of.

It’s in our psychology: 73% of Americans are more likely to trust someone with a nice smile, making your mouth a gateway to confidence and instant-likeability from your peers. 

So what makes a great smile? Straight, white teeth are a solid start. A well-aligned smile arc is also a big part of it, too.

A healthy smile also means avoiding bad breath from bacteria buildup or tooth decay, and other dental issues that can lower your confidence when meeting new people.

There are other benefits to a straight smile that go beyond how you look. A noteworthy smile can lead to more professional success and an active social life. And those with a confident smile are often regarded as happier and healthier by their peers. 

Whether you’re looking to dazzle at a date night, crush that next job interview, or get a confidence boost when posting that next selfie, here are 7 ways straight teeth can boost your confidence.

Brighten Up a Room with Your Smile

Looking to impress? Research suggests creating a solid first impression starts with a great smile. Nearly one-third of Americans say the first thing they notice when meeting a new person is their teeth. 

Straight teeth can make you more memorable, so you stand out from the crowd. That’s an advantage you’ll certainly want when interviewing for your dream job, or meeting a new dating prospect.

With a welcoming smile, you can boost your confidence in a variety of social settings, from parties to work functions and more. If you want to really wow a room, a healthy smile will get you there.

Swipe Right on Those Pearly Whites

Modern-day dating is hard enough these days. Add crooked teeth to the mix, and you might notice less hits on your online dating profile. 

People with straight teeth are 57% more likely than people with crooked teeth to get a date based on their profile picture alone. That means the possibility of getting that second date deceases if your smile isn’t on point.

On the bright side, a confident smile can even make you appear thinner, younger, and more attractive to a potential date. Now that’s something to grin about!

And the Oscar Goes to… 

Ever notice how celebrities always have the best smiles? But even the stars themselves are rarely born with an Oscar-worthy smile. 

Quite a few actors have had orthodontic adjustments between movie shoots, from Emma Watson to Tom Cruise. 

Even if you won’t be on the silver screen, people with straight teeth are overwhelmingly seen as more trust-worthy and approachable to strangers and peers. You may be surprised at what opportunities come your way with a fantastic smile.

Land That Dream Job

Flash those beautiful canines and crush that next job interview! People with straighter teeth fair much better when looking for work, and often get more interviews.

On LinkedIn, recruiters are drawn to profiles with photographs featuring nice smiles. Straight and shiny teeth can make you look more approachable and friendly. These are “soft skills” that many employers look for in addition to a solid resume.

In a recent Invisalign study, a group of participants were shown photos of people with straight teeth and photos of people with crooked teeth. They discovered that those with attractive smiles were regarded as happier and more professionally successful. 

A whopping 46% of recruiters admit that appearances make a difference in their hiring decisions. That means walking into an interview with a bright smile could land you your next gig!

Feel as Good as You Look

A stunning smile isn’t just about looks. It can actually boost your mood!

It’s science: Smiling activates endorphins in your brain, even more so than that feeling you get when eating a bar of chocolate. This gives you a mood boost that can last all day — without the annoying sugar crash and cavities!

And you might not be the only one benefiting from your well-aligned teeth. A great smile can be contagious, making you a source of happiness for others around you.

Straight Teeth Can Be Healthier 

A crooked smile can also lead to oral health issues that you won’t want to ignore, like gum disease, jaw disorders, and more. 

Straight teeth can provide clearer speech, less tooth decay, and better overall digestive health, making you feel beautiful on the inside, too. 

Set Your Child Up for Success

Even young children are treated differently based on their teeth. Having a confident smile can help with self-esteem throughout your child’s life, from engaging in school activities to making lasting friendships. 

Kids enjoy the same psychological benefits of a healthy smile as adults. And research tells us that more positive interactions builds self-esteem, especially during childhood. 

With positive self-esteem comes the confidence to form new friendships, feel resilient even when they make mistakes, act more independently, and more

Get a TenBrook Smile

Having orthodontic work done as an adult doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially if you have a busy schedule or social life. 

TenBrook’s cutting-edge T1 braces and T-Clear braces straighten your teeth in half the time as regular braces, so you can say goodbye to spending years fixing that smile.

These tiny, barely-noticeable braces straighten teeth with less noticeable hardware, so you can show off your smile without traditional braces. 

Looking for an even more discrete way to shift your smile? Invisalign is also a popular solution, with clear plastic inserts that are just as the name suggests…invisible!

Adrianna Barrionuevo, a fashion editor from California, tried Invisalign, and noticed significant results as soon as 9 months, giving her a major confidence boost at work and with friends. 

TenBrook’s one-of-a-kind orthodontic solutions are low-profile and move your teeth quicker, so your friends won’t even notice that you’re working on your smile with our sleek products. 

So if you’re looking to change your life, start with your smile. Contact us for a free evaluation today and make your confident smile dreams a reality.

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