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Color Braces: See Why Kids Love Their Fun Colorful Smiles

Color Braces: See Why Kids Love Their Fun Colorful Smiles

Color braces are a fun way to spice up your child’s smile! They even help some kids enjoy the anticipation of getting their braces. Just like any good pair of shoes or sneakers, color braces can complement your child’s personality and allow them to show their style.

How to Choose the Color of Your Braces

Most of our young patients choose the color of their braces to match their personalities. Some choose red and orange; others choose blue and purple. And some kids prefer the colors of their favorite sports team or even their local school colors. Being able to select colors for braces makes orthodontics more fun for children!

At TenBrook Orthodontics, we offer two ways to create a fun, colorful smile: T1 Braces with color bands and our Candy Braces®.

T1 Braces with colored bands are similar to regular braces, except they offer superior benefits, including faster treatment times, minimal discomfort, and easier hygiene. Colored elastics are placed around the metal brackets, which is quite common for young patients.

But there’s even a better way!

We developed our Candy Braces, a more vibrant and FDA-approved way to color your smile. These ground-breaking braces aren’t just the typical colored rubber bands around metal brackets. Instead, the entire brackets are colorized.

Candy Braces in pink and blue.

Invented by Dr. TenBrook and a specialized chemist, these one-of-a-kind colored braces provide the same efficient and comfortable tooth movement as our regular T1 Braces — but in a whole rainbow of colors to choose from!

TenBrook Candy Braces in six vibrant colors
Our Candy Braces come in six fun vibrant colors you can mix and match.

Popular Braces Colors for Girls

One of the most popular benefits kids enjoy about color braces is choosing their favorite colors. Our top requests for girls are hot pink, purple, and violet.

Girls also tend to have a sense of what colors work best with their eye color or even match their braces with their outfits. Braces that match your favorite fashion colors will make you look more stylish, giving you a harmonious appearance.

Skin tone also plays an important role, since the color of your braces can easily complement it. Periwinkle, turquoise, violet, or light pink work well if you have olive or dark skin. Cool colors like blue, silver, lilac, and even pink work well for fair skin.

A young patient chose blue and yellow colored bands in support of the Ukraine
This young patient chose blue and yellow colored bands in support of the Ukraine.


Favorite Braces Colors for Boys

Boys, on the other hand, have a different style when choosing the color of their braces. A lot of boys prefer colors that match their favorite sports team. Others often pick their school colors.

Here are some popular Southern New Jersey school color combinations:

  • Washington Township High School: red, white, and blue
  • Egg Harbor Township High School: silver and black
  • Atlantic City High School: navy blue and white
  • Mullica Hill Clearview High School: green and yellow (gold)
  • Swedesboro Kingsway High School: red and black
  • Cherry Hill East: red and white
  • Marlton Cherokee High School: brown and orange
  • and many others!
Three young patients, each showing their own colors and style.
Three of our young male patients, each showing their own colors and style.

Which Colors are Less Noticeable for Braces?

Some younger patients prefer to make their colored bands less noticeable. They might choose grays and black colors to help their elastic bands blend into the look of their braces.

Less noticeable color for elastic bands
This young patient chose a less noticeable color for his elastic bands.

However, there are plenty of clear aesthetic choices as well. For example, you may be interested in our T-Clear Minis, which are braces that are half the size, clear, and almost invisible on your teeth. In fact, several of our patients joke with Dr. TenBrook and call them “ghost braces.”

More Creative Ideas for Color Braces

A lot of our younger patients love to mix and match colors. Rainbow colors and cartoon characters’ color combos (like Princess Pink or Frozen blue braces) are trendy. Teal Candy Braces and teal elastic ties are the most requested.

Kids can even enjoy the seasons or holidays with fun color combinations. Here are some themes our kids have tried with their elastic bands:

  • Red and green for Christmas, or Red and white (candy cane colors)
  • Pink or Red for Valentine’s day 
  • Orange and black for Halloween (even glow in the dark, too!)
  • Red, white, and blue for July 4th
  • The colors of their favorite sports teams
  • Alternating school colors
  • Rainbow colors
  • Favorite cartoon character colors
Colored braces for Christmas
One of our young patients showing her Christmas colored braces.

And if for some reason you don’t love your color ties, you can change them at your next appointment.

Mason's Candy Braces Story

Mason was picked on at school because of his teeth, and his parents were looking for a quick solution, since it affected his school work and morale. Dr. TenBrook recommended Candy Braces.

Mason at the beginning of his Candy Braces treatment
Mason at the beginning of his Candy Braces treatment.

We were able to give Mason a perfect (and colorful) smile in just three months! His parents were thrilled. Now Mason is doing much better in school and is a happier young man filled with new self-esteem.

Mason proudly showing his bright new smile with Dr. TenBrook
Mason proudly showing his bright new smile with Dr. TenBrook

Ready for the most incredible smile around? Pick out your colors and get TenBrook color braces today! Schedule a free consultation to get started!

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