Dr. TenBrook Visiting our T1 Brackets Manufacturer

Did you know, Dr. TenBrook is one of the very few orthodontists in the world who invented his own bracket and has a world-wide patent? The innovative T1 Design delivers exceptional comfort, oral care, and faster tooth movement. Treatments times are cut in half, to about only one year!

Watch Dr. TenBrook talk about TenBrook braces and his visit to the T1 manufacturing facility in Oregon.

It's extremely important to Dr. TenBrook to make sure the orthodontic products we use for our patients are safe and meet the highest quality standards. Recently, Dr. TenBrook visited the US facility that manufactures our T1 brackets to ensure his T1 braces are of excellent quality for his patients.

During his visit, Dr. TenBrook met with the manufacturing team, engineers, and bracket assembly team. He watched as they performed bracket quality control and a destruction test.

T1 brackets are manufactured with state of the art technology, which includes CAD/CAM design, CNC, EDM, Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Sintering and Coining. Special thanks to the T1 bracket assembly team for making sure our brackets are of highest quality for our patients!

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