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No More Gooey Impressions!

No More Gooey Impressions!

No more gooey impressions are needed to start your Invisalign treatment!

In the past, the only method for capturing smile measurements was to take a physical impression that involved the placement of a putty-like material into the patient’s mouth. Many people find this technique incredibly unpleasant, and the results can be inefficient as well. Thankfully, we’ve said goodbye to this method for a superior alternative that’s much more precise and more comfortable. Our practice provides the latest in digital impression technology to our patients: iTero.

What is iTero?

The iTero scanner is an advanced digital impression system. It takes accurate and highly detailed color images of your teeth and gums producing a digital model of your mouth. This model can then be used to plan your individualized treatment and utilized as a tool to demonstrate and explain the treatment process. This allows you to review your orthodontic treatment options chair-side.

The iTero Imaging Process

iTero is ideal in many ways when compared to the traditional impression process, since it eliminates messy materials and creates a more relaxing and pleasant environment for patients. This is especially true for younger patients and patients with sensitive gag reflexes, who can’t handle the goopy materials long enough to capture accurate measurements.

A young patient's mouth is being scanned via the iTero wand.

With iTero, the orthodontist uses a wand that easily fits into the patient's mouth and rests over each tooth at a time, capturing photographs of its structure and submitting them into the computer system. Within minutes, our team can form a comprehensive appearance of your smile that can be easily viewed on the chair-side monitor by both doctor and patient.

This video shows how iTero works.

iTero Benefits

iTero captures accurate measurements for both traditional braces and Invisalign treatment, drastically reducing the chances that you’ll be called back for a redo. This saves patients time and money.​

When using iTero in conjunction with Invisalign, the orthodontist is able to send your digital impressions directly to the appropriate lab, which results in faster turnaround time. The additional precision and attention to detail shortens overall treatment time!

Patients won’t require as many adjustments with iTero, allowing them to attend check-ups over the course of their treatment that are shorter and further apart.

The oral wand we use fits more easily into patients’ mouths compared to traditional impression materials, allowing you to remain comfortable throughout the scanning process.

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