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TenBrook Awarded 2020 Top Orthodontists!

TenBrook Awarded 2020 Top Orthodontists!

We are proud to announce Dr. TenBrook, Dr. Dudani, and Dr. Sanzari were all named 2020 Top Orthodontists! We’re so pleased that Suburban Family Magazine recognized three of our doctors as leaders in the field of orthodontic treatment and technology.

Read the full story here, and this is what they had to say: “Orthodontists have arguably the biggest influence on people’s most important feature—their smile. Not only does it appear in countless photographs, but a smile represents our confidence as we pursue a career and reveals our happiness in life’s biggest milestones. From teenagers to adults, patients count on orthodontists to use their skills and knowledge of advanced treatment methods to unveil their best smile.  

Suburban Family presents its Top Orthodontists for 2020, featuring the professionals who are changing the lives of so many in South Jersey.”

Want to know more about our award-winning doctors? These professionals are leading the field in treatment and technology, resulting in better outcomes for patients.

The founder of TenBrook Orthodontics, TenBrook is a Harvard-trained and world- renowned orthodontist who has been practicing for over two decades. He has centered his career on making orthodontic care convenient and affordable, which led him to create the T1 and T-Clear TenBrook Self-Ligating Braces Systems, cutting treatment time in half.

The popularity of this technology has grown his clinics from one location in Millville to 11 in New Jersey, and they are recognized as one of the finest practices in the U.S.

This has also allowed TenBrook the opportunity to lecture in the medical community all over the world about his famous braces systems.

What makes your approach to treatment unique?

Technology in the field of orthodontics has changed a lot over the last 10 to 15 years. It has enabled us to speed up tooth movement while reducing the forces applied to teeth.

Because of my interest in pursuing the best treatment in orthodontics, I have designed and patented a new system of braces, called the T1 TenBrook Braces that are designed for maximum comfort, improved hygiene, faster tooth movement, and much less time in Braces.

I designed the TenBrook T1 Self-ligating System to improve the patient experience.  The T1 bracket is designed to reduce friction and optimize arch wire performance.  I can now move teeth with about one quarter (1/4) the force, which research shows is  healthier  and more physiologic for tooth movement.  What this means for my patients is, I can move teeth now with little to No pain!  

In addition, I can align teeth in about 2-3 months,  and treat many patients for malocclusion in about 1 year!  

The other fantastic advantage is that better technology means I can treat my patients in less time with a lot fewer appointments (10 on average); resulting in lower treatment costs, that I pass on to my patients!  

Due to this advanced technology, I am now able to charge fees I haven’t for over 15 years!  Our average fee for braces is now $3999; this is around a $1500 to $2000 dollar savings, as compared to the average cost for braces.

It’s a win- win!  Our patients save money, get great treatment, in less time.   Our patients are happy, because they know they got an exceptional value for their great smiles!

Dr. Sanzari is the lead orthodontist at TenBrook Orthodontics’ Shore locations. He graduated from the University of Dentistry and Medicine of New Jersey and completed a general practice residency program at St. Joseph’s Hospital, followed by orthodontics training at Columbia University. Sanzari has over 20 years’ experience and is known as a perfectionist who takes a personal interest in every patient with a meticulous attention to detail. He specializes in Invisalign, traditional braces and removable orthodontic appliances. He is active in several industry organizations and enjoys straightening teeth and witnessing how it can change people’s lives and improve self-esteem.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

To see the unbelievable smiles when a patient gets their braces off—to show them what they used to look like and their end result is very rewarding. [I love] seeing the transition in patients from being shy with low self-esteem and turning into outgoing, confident, happy patients. Also, seeing multiple family members in treatment, parents too, you see families grow. It’s like we are all one big family.

Why did you become an orthodontist?

I had braces when I was younger.  I was so happy with the results that I decided in high school, I wanted to be an orthodontist.  I wanted to be able to help other people as my orthodontist helped me!

What makes your approach to treatment unique?

We have an amazing, affordable treatment system that usually cuts treatment time in half.  It is more comfortable and easier to keep clean, which requires less appointments and chair time.  Along with an incredible staff, makes the whole orthodontic experience second to none.

Dudani is the leading doctor at the TenBrook Orthodontics’ Cumberland County offices. Dudani received his doctor of dental medicine degree and completed his post-doctoral training in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics from Nova Southeastern University. Dudani prides himself on his attention to detail and the fact that he treats each and every patient as if they are a member of his own family. To him, nothing matters more than having outstanding outcomes and as a result, happy patients. He has performed thousands of orthodontic procedures, enhancing the lives and self-confidence of countless TenBrook Orthodontics patients.

What makes your approach to treatment unique?

Here at TenBrook Orthodontics, we use self-ligating T1 braces—invented by Dr. James TenBrook. The combination of these braces along with the wires we use, decreases friction between the orthodontic system and delivers light forces. This makes the treatment faster and less painful compared to traditional braces. That, along with our friendly and well-trained orthodontic staff makes every appointment for the patient a pleasurable one.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

As an orthodontist, I am fortunate enough to be able to build long-term relationships with my patients. Being in a position to create beautiful smiles and improve oral function; which in turn can help increase the self-confidence of patients is very gratifying.

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