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Named “Best of Family” by Suburban Family Magazine

Named “Best of Family” by Suburban Family Magazine

We are proud to announce TenBrook Orthodontics was named the "Best of Family" for Comfort and Cost for Braces by Suburban Family Magazine.

Thank you to all our TenBrook Smiles who voted for us!

Here is what the editorial staff at Suburban Family magazine had to say:

Choosing TenBrook Orthodontics as a Best of Family Winner was an easy decision! Dr.TenBrook and his team recently celebrated 25th year in business and have proudly treated more than 20,000 smiles and counting!

The major concerns when it comes time for braces are cost, comfort and the length of time wearing them. With his very own invention of the T1 and T-Clear TenBrook Self-Ligating Braces System, Dr.TenBrook puts those concerns to rest. When patients are told they need braces, many feel the choices are pretty much the same no matter which orthodontist they may choose, and that wearing braces will simply be an unpleasant experience. This is not true at TenBrook Orthodontics. Harvard-trained and practicing for over 25 years, Dr. TenBrook's innovative thinking and cutting edge design of T1 braces makes wearing them not only more comfortable and more affordable than other braces or aligners, it also reduces the time most people wear them.

Treatment for tooth alignment can be cut to only one year with the TenBrook T1 System.  Dr. TenBrook's patients love the less bulky look of the T1 braces and how easy they are to keep clean.

Dr. TenBrook and his staff understand that some patients can be apprehensive and feel stress about visiting the orthodontist and about wearing braces. However, from the moment a patient enters any of the TenBrook offices, they immediately feel at ease. Treating both children and adults, the experienced and talented professionals who work along with Dr. TenBrook always remember that each patient is unique and deserves individualized, special attention.

TenBrook has 11 convenient locations to serve you! Evening and Saturday hours are available at most offices, too.

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