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The TenBrook Orthodontics Smile

The TenBrook Orthodontics Smile

A smile is more art than science. It really depends on a patient’s facial shape, their lips and tooth anatomy. A few millimeters can make you look 10 years older or younger?  Did you know that a correct diagnosis and treatment of your facial needs can create a more balanced profile, fuller lips and a more attractive facial harmony. That makes a lasting impression and gives everyone a boost of confidence.

All smiles are not made the same. It takes and expert who understands your needs and your underlying anatomy to get the best results for you. TenBrook orthodontists are elite because they are trained to assess your exact needs, customize your perfect plan, and execute that plan flawlessly. The best dental and orthodontic programs from Harvard and Forsyth, Emory, South Carolina, Temple University and NOVA Southeastern University. This training and close attention to detail delivers TenBrook patients their best smiles.

The TenBrook System of smile design is all about balance and timing. The TenBrook arch form is a balanced elipse that harmonizes with your face. It utilizes lighter forces that activate your biology differently than traditional braces and plastic clear aligners with little to no side effects like you see with other types of braces or orthodontics. The forces used to move teeth with TenBrook are more biologic, natural and uniform, giving you the most optimal tooth movement with less pain and faster tooth movement. Teeth are actually guided into position, and into your body’s ideal arch form through balanced tooth movement with light wires and our patented T1 brackets. Through this teeth movement, arch form and alignment process, your lips, cheeks and tongue are guided to the ideal form for that ideal look. The ideal look is balanced with your face and no one else’s. It is customized, it’s you, it’s your smile – TenBrook just helps you get your best smile and faster than traditional braces.

Many orthodontists simply look at braces as a way to straighten or align your teeth. TenBrook designs your best smile using the state-of-the-art and exclusively TenBrook technology with T1 braces, T-Clear transparent braces and even Candy Braces – colorful braces for your own personal statement. If you are looking for a smile transformation, visit TenBrook Orthodontics because it’s your smile and you are worth it.

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