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Top 3 Reasons To Whiten With ZOOM!

Top 3 Reasons To Whiten With ZOOM!

What are you looking forward to in the new year? Whether it's a wedding, class reunion, business trip, second honeymoon, or one of the dozens of other life events that we cherish, you'll want to look your best. For some people, that means dropping a few pounds or getting a new hairstyle. For others, it means brightening your smile by whitening your teeth. After all, it's your smile that people see first and remember forever.

Studies show that the demand for whitening procedures has increased by 300% in recent years. That's because it works – if you use the right treatment. Named the most effective teeth whitening treatment by Women's Health magazine, the Philips ZOOM! Teeth Whitening process is the one patients ask for the most.

Here are three reasons why.

1. It's Safe

Check out the pharmacy section of any supermarket and you'll find dozens of products that promise to whiten your teeth. What's key is making sure that the one you select is not only effective but safe. Some whitening products have side effects that you'll want to understand ahead of time. Your best bet is to visit TenBrook Orthodontics for a teeth whitening treatment, since our orthodontists and staff are experts in this area.

2. It's Effective

Philips ZOOM! works really well for teeth whitening. However, since everyone is different, we offer various approaches depending on your level of staining, the sensitivity of your teeth, your lifestyle, and your budget. 

3. It's Fast

In just one trip to our office, your teeth will be 7-9 shades whiter! That's because the ZOOM! teeth whitening process is scientifically advanced and proven to work. Try it out on your lunch break. Be prepared for compliments when you return!

Zoom II teeth whitening before and after

The Science of Teeth Whitening 

At TenBrook Orthodontics, we're all about giving you a great smile. That also includes making sure your teeth are clean and bright with teeth whitening!

The ZOOM! teeth whitening system that we offer is a scientifically-advanced procedure that is safe, effective, and fast. But before we get to that, here are a few quick facts about teeth whitening from the American Dental Association.

  • Food + Drink – Coffee, tea, and midnight glasses of red wine are major culprits in discoloration of your teeth. Chromogens, or small color pigments attach to the enamel over time, creating stains. 
  • Tobacco – A single cigarette contains hundreds of chemicals. But tar and nicotine are found in all tobacco products. These colorless chemicals are notorious for staining teeth when they are exposed to oxygen—which can't be avoided when you intake. 
  • Growing older – Just under the enamel is a soft coating called "dentin." After years of brushing, enamel wears down and the dentin is exposed. Dentin has a natural yellow hue, which can contribute to the appearance of discolored teeth. 
  • Medication – Certain antihistamines, antipsychotics, and high blood pressure medication have been linked to discoloration of enamel. Gradation in color can range from mild to severe, depending on the case. Patients receiving chemotherapy or neck radiation are also susceptible to blemishing.
Stained teeth and teeth whitening

The ZOOM! Process Used at TenBrook Orthodontics

Luckily, there's a way to restore your smile! You can be in and out of our office on your lunch hour with our ZOOM! Whitening treatment.

First, your teeth are prepped with a desensitizer before application of the ZOOM! Whitening gel. The ZOOM! gel is re-applied in 15-minute intervals and activated by a special light to lift the color from your enamel. This is followed by a five-minute fluoride treatment to finish the process.

You can expect your teeth to be six to ten shades lighter than when you stepped into our office!

Mike Trout getting Zoom teeth whitening at TenBrook Orthodontics
Baseball center fielder Mike Trout getting ZOOM! teeth whitening at TenBrook Orthodontics

Get That Hollywood Smile

What makes ZOOM! Whitening special is its founder, Dr. Dorfman. He's a very famous Hollywood cosmetic dentist with tons of celebrity patients.

Now TenBrook Orthodontics offers the same procedure to our patients as Hollywood celebrities get. You can have the same procedure as the most famous TV stars get in Hollywood!

ZOOM! is a safe, effective, and fast procedure that gives amazing results. In just one hour, your teeth will be eight shades whiter!

TenBrook patient getting her teeth whitened
Our beautiful patient Dominique after ZOOM! Whitening. See her original shade and how white her smile is now!

Wedding Smile Makeovers

Say "I DO" to white teeth! Did you get engaged over the holidays? We can help your smile be picture perfect! Capture the big day with a smile as bright as the moment. 

Philips ZOOM! professional whitening will give you the gift of a confident smile. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert doctors. We'll be honored to help you get ready for your big day!

Frank and Jenna
Frank and Jenna, patients of TenBrook Orthodontics' ZOOM! Whitening

Real Men Take Care of Their Teeth

Men want a great smile, too! Gentlemen smile makeovers and teeth whitening services are available at TenBrook.

Man and woman with teeth whitening

Dr.TenBrook, Dr.Dudani, Dr.Tarazi, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are dedicated to making every visit to our office a great experience for you. Expert dental care is provided with a focus on quality and outstanding care.

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If you're already a patient at TenBrook Orthodontics, you can whiten your teeth at your next visit.

If you're new to TenBrook, contact us for a free consultation. You'll be in the best possible hands. When you meet the doctor, he will review your medical and dental history, evaluate your teeth, and recommend the best course to whiten them with Philips ZOOM! Whitening.

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We hope to see you and your new smile soon!

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