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Virtual care available for New and Existing patients

Virtual care available for New and Existing patients

At TenBrook Orthodontics we are committed to providing you with quality orthodontic care you deserve. That's why we are proud to offer virtual treatment monitoring to our patients!

Dental technology is constantly advancing, and we're on the cutting edge. It's never been easier or faster to get a beautiful smile. At TenBrook Orthodontics (TBO), we pair the latest technology with a thorough understanding of tooth movement and jaw growth to successfully treat dental issues.  

Dental Monitoring (DM) allows us to monitor your treatment remotely. By using your smartphone and the Dental Monitoring app, we are notified of any and all changes to your teeth as they occur. Your orthodontic treatment becomes faster and more efficient with less appointments required!

For New Patients – Dental Monitoring (DM) is like having your own personal orthodontist at home! Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), set up by your orthodontist, you can check your progress weekly! DM will check over 180 things every time you check in; including your tooth movement, which will be extremely fast with Dr T’s patented T1 system or TBO’s Invisalign clear aligner system.  Now that’s amazing and efficient!!!  TenBrook Orthodontics offers the best solutions for the best results, in half the time!  Ask a TBO Team Member how you can get signed up today!

For Existing patients in Invisalign - DM can help keep your treatment on track by making sure your aligners are fitting properly, and your teeth are tracking and getting straight.

For Existing patients in Braces - DM can help monitor things like broken braces, poking archwires, or how quickly your teeth are getting straight. You will be amazed at how your teeth will align in half the time! You will be able to go back to previous pictures and compare your progress! Compare with your friends (who will be in braces much longer than you will ;) Have fun with it!

For former patients in retention- DM will notify you if you need new retainer / replacement.  Yes! It will detect wear, fractures, and ill fitting retainers, and notify TBO and you if you are in need of a new retainer.  Its that simple.

For Patients in our Kids Club @  Recall System – DM will notify you and TBO, when our younger patients are ready for further treatment.  It detects erupting teeth and developing malocclusions as soon as it is happening. Don’t wait until its too late, get the advice immediately instead of waiting for your next visit to the office. It may save you time and money; and even tooth extractions in certain cases.

DM will make your treatment more convenient!  With dental monitoring, you will be achieving the straight teeth and beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of with fewer visits.


Thanks to the quality cameras available on today’s cell phones you can have a “virtual” visit from the comfort of your home anytime!

Dental monitoring is an app on your smartphone that enables you to take weekly selfies of your teeth and automatically send them to our dental monitoring team. If everything is on track you will receive a reply, within 12 hours, to confirm you can continue treatment and no need to see us.  In this way, our patients are not required to come back to have their teeth checked on a regular basis and know they are progressing well.

Get Dental Monitoring Now! It’s Fun!
Check in with your Teeth weekly with Dental Monitoring from TenBrook Orthodontics, from the comfort of your own home! Don’t wait, Contact a TBO Team Member and monitor now!
Updates get sent directly to your orthodontist and team weekly. You will be contacted by our office if something doesn’t look right. Otherwise, you will be updated on how things are going, and it will monitor your tooth movement, your dental hygiene, and even how you are brushing! How cool!

If you have any question about your treatment, you can use dental monitoring app to ask us questions, making communication efficient and saving time.  Don’t worry if you forget your weekly selfies – the app will remind you!

It’s extremely simple to get started with Dental Monitoring. After you come in for your initial consultation and schedule your itero scan, we can get you set up with Dental Monitoring app.

·      First, download the Dental Monitoring app to your iOS or Android smartphone.

·      Next, follow the instructions in the app to take regular selfies of your smile.

·      Then, we will use the Dental Monitoring software at our practice to view the photos you sent us. We will ensure that your progress matches up with your treatment program.

·      Best yet, if your treatment is proceeding according to plan, we won’t need to schedule an appointment to see you. You can continue your treatment from home, work or even from your beach vacation!

At TenBrook Orthodontics, we use technology and teamwork to not only cut down on the length of Braces or Invisalign treatment but also reduce the number of visits. This means fewer missed school and work days!

Ready to find out how Dental Monitoring could enhance your orthodontic treatment experience? Book your free consultation today!

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