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What’s the Fastest Way to Straighten Your Teeth?

What’s the Fastest Way to Straighten Your Teeth?

In 2020, we’re all pretty accustomed to lightning-fast services. Grocery delivery, takeout, swiping right to get a potential date — you name it, and you can get it in the blink of an eye.

So why should fixing your teeth be any different?

The time of spending years in braces and hours in the orthodontic chair getting your braces painfully tightened is a thing of the past. With shorter, pain-free alternative orthodontic treatments, you can get the smile you love without the wait.

Looking for alternatives to braces as an adult? Look no further.

TenBrook Orthodontics’ revolutionary approach to straightening teeth is giving patients better and faster results through our T1 and T-Clear braces. These miniature and nearly-invisible brackets provide quicker and more comfortable teeth movement.

Invisalign is another popular option and can provide a more aesthetically pleasing experience with clear trays.

Contrary to what you might think, moving your teeth faster is less painful and more sustainable, and can lead to quicker results than traditional braces.

Discover the differences between Invisalign and our T1 braces, how fast each method can move your teeth, and why faster tooth movement is actually better.

Why Not Traditional Braces?

While traditional braces are a common method for achieving a great smile, they can take years to have the desired success and require constant tightening to yield results.

Many adults are looking to improve their smile want results much faster. Accelerated orthodontic treatments like Invisalign and our T1 technology are on the rise, and have proven to be even more effective than traditional braces.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

One popular alternative to traditional braces that we offer at TenBrook Orthodontics is Invisalign. Using 3-D scans of your mouth, we will create a clear, plastic appliance fitted perfectly to your teeth.

These trays are just as the names suggests…barely noticeable! That means you can straighten your smile without the self-consciousness.

With constant wear (20-22 hours per day), Invisalign users may see results anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Just be sure to take them out while eating and clean regularly. The stricter you are with wear time and upkeep, the faster your teeth will move into place.

How Long Does T1 Take?

Invented by Dr. TenBrook himself, our unrivaled T1 and T-Clear braces are an advanced, low-friction, light-force system with a biomechanically enhanced design unlike anything else. This cutting-edge technology provides patients with a quicker orthodontic solution and better results than traditional braces.

Dr. TenBrook calls them the “Ferrari of Braces” because of their efficiency and sleek design:

“They work by optimizing contact areas between the bracket and the tooth, and the advanced body-heat activated nickel-titanium Archwires reduce friction and optimize the force levels to move the teeth.”

T1 alternatives deliver optimum tooth movement for each unique patient. This Ferrari-like solution will surely get you to your dream smile faster!

How Fast Can Your Teeth Really Move?

Have 3 months to spare? How about 8 weeks?

With our advanced T1 braces technology, you might just be able to see results that quickly.

Everyone’s teeth move differently, of course, and no 2 smiles are alike. But our results speak for themselves.

With our T1 braces, you can get a perfect smile in half the time of regular braces. Our custom-fit alternatives offer low and continual force, which allows teeth to shift quicker than traditional braces.

Patients in the first phase of treatment at TenBrook have seen results as fast as 3 months with crowded teeth and misalignment.  

The Benefits of Moving Teeth Faster

According to recent studies, approximately half of orthodontic patients are adults. Many adult patients are on the lookout for faster and more discrete methods to achieve a great smile.

A great smile can build confidence, especially when making a first impression on a date or in a job interview. And less trips to the orthodontist means less time away from work or school.  

Getting the job done quicker can also lead to less mouth pain and discomfort. Since we don’t use traditional braces, there’s no painful tightening or large, obtrusive brackets on your teeth.

Do T1 Braces Hurt?

TenBrook treatment is aimed at treating patients faster, with as little pain as possible. We don’t offer old-fashioned braces that take years to see results and cause pain during tightening procedures.

Our method includes light-weight Archwire activation. This technology delivers low and constant pressure to the teeth that’s actually healthier for your teeth while straightening teeth faster.

Those dreaded days of taking post-tightening Aspirin are long gone. Our patients experience less mouth soreness overall with our Archwire technologies, which don’t need to be tightened.

Whether you have an over-bite, large gaps, or crowding of teeth, you can achieve your dream smile without old-school braces.

Ready for a Speedy Smile?

If you have a need for speed and want to accelerate to your best smile yet, our innovative methods will get you there.

T1 and Invisalign are not only quicker, but also more aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable, and easier on your wallet.

So what are you waiting for?

We look forward to providing you with the healthiest and fastest tooth movement possible. Come see us for a consultation today!

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