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Should I Get Braces? Solutions to Common Braces Myths

Should I Get Braces? Solutions to Common Braces Myths

Research suggests your smile is key to creating a solid first impression. Nearly 1/3 of Americans say the first thing they notice when meeting a new person is their teeth!

People with a great smile are not often seen as more attractive, but they also tend to feel happier. But if you don’t feel confident about your teeth, you might hesitate to show off your smile.

Both kid braces and adult braces can help make this smile a reality and will boost your confidence levels. Braces are for anyone who wants to feel more confident when they flash those pearly whites.

But due to some common myths about braces, fear or uncertainty may keep you from pulling the trigger and investing in the self-care you need to get the smile you deserve.

There are many misconceptions and fears surrounding braces for teens, who can feel self-conscious during their formative years. And adults may have their own stigma abut wearing braces as an adult.

You may be worried about potential pain, or the potential cost of braces. But at TenBrook Orthodontics, our braces are known for their complete comfort. And there are many affordable options to help you cover the cost of braces.

If you’ve found yourself grimacing at the phrase, “Say Cheese!”, take it as a sign to take action this year. Below we debunk 4 common myths about braces so you can feel confident and excited about getting the smile of your dreams!

Myth #1 Braces are Painful

If you’ve never had braces before, you may wonder if the process of moving your teeth into place is painful.

At TenBrook Orthodontics, we’ve perfected our faster tooth movement approach so it’s less painful and more comfortable than regular braces. This happens by using our advanced, low-friction, and light-force system designed with kids in mind.

There are also easy ways to deal with any discomfort, such as eating softer, braces-friendly foods, using a soft toothbrush, and investing in wax for your braces.

Myth #2 Braces Take Too Long and Require Too Many Appointments

Who has time these days to commit to several years of braces on top of the seemingly never-ending string of appointments plus the exhaustion of day-to-day life.

Working 9-5 (or sometimes 9-9), driving the kids to school or practice, and trying to make it on time to your next Zoom meeting is no easy feat.

It’s no wonder the fear of spending years in braces could stop someone from investing in their smile. You may be wondering: “How long do braces take to straighten my teeth? Months? Years?”

While years in braces may be the case for many other orthodontics offices, this time-consuming reality is not one at TenBrook Orthodontics.

We can create results that will make you smile bigger after just 3 months.

Coupled with the fact that our average patient comes in only 8-10 times compared to the national average of 23 visits, we can proudly say we offer the fastest braces on the market.

That means less time missing school or work, and more time doing the things you love.

Myth #3 Braces are for Kids, Not Adults!

Getting braces for the first time can happen at any age. If you’re worried about being the only adult with braces, you’ll be relieved to know close to half of orthodontic patients are adults.

With our fast turnaround time and results-driven work, we offer our adult patients solutions that work around your hectic schedule.

A beautiful smile affects not only your dating and social life, but even your career!

Adults who invest in their smiles through braces are more likely to land their dream job. Kenton Research has studied this phenomenon. In 2012, they conducted a study that showed how our smiles have a much more significant effect on how others perceive us than we tend to believe.

If you’re an adult who dreams of a straight smile without all the hassle, you’re not alone. We have the solution for you!

Myth #4 Braces Look Bad

Gone are the days of “brace face” horror stories. At TenBrook Orthodontics, we have advanced braces technology that feature both tiny and clear brackets, which are perfect for a more discrete look.

We can also can provide you with T-Clear braces. T-Clear braces are both small and clear for a more minimalist approach.

You can also go the route of clear aligners like Invisalign. These effective and popular see-through aligners can be taken out whenever you eat and drink, and are nearly impossible to notice while you’re wearing them!

Get the Smile of Your Dreams with TenBrook Orthodontics

Investing in self-care isn’t always easy to prioritize. But with a welcoming smile, you can boost your confidence at school, work, or on your next date.

Shine, dazzle, and wow a room, and feel great while you do it. Contact us today for your free braces consult!

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