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Our one-of-a-kind colored braces give you the freedom to express yourself — while getting the smile of your dreams in half the time of traditional braces!
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Say goodbye to boring metal braces.
Introducing our advanced colored Candy Braces™!

Invented by Dr. TenBrook and a specialized chemist, these one-of-a-kind colored braces and wires provide the same fast and comfortable tooth movement as our regular T1 and T-clear braces — but in a whole rainbow of colors to choose from!

Our Candy Braces™  come in 6 vibrant and fun colors. So you can choose your favorites and customize your smile!
Young Women Smile
Teens with TenBrook Candy Braces
You can go for a uniform look with one color, or make your favorite rainbow design to show off your unique style.

With a colorful smile, you can look forward to a boost of confidence at school, in sports games, and when hanging out with your pals.

Trust us, with Candy Braces™, you’re really going to wow the crowd!

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Check out Jasmine's almost-perfect smile in just 8 months!
“TenBrook made all my dreams come true!”
¡Tratamiento de ortodoncia para adultos para una sonrisa perfecta!
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How Do Candy Braces™ Work?

Braces with Colored Rubber Bands
Our ground-breaking Candy Braces™  aren’t just the typical colored rubber bands that go around silver braces brackets.

With our incredible Candy Braces™, the entire bracket is colorized.

Elastic ties (rubber bands) on braces brackets create friction, which can slow down your tooth movement. They also fade over time, going from colorful to dull pretty fast.
Rubber bands on braces brackets have also been shown to collect harmful bacteria, making it harder to keep your teeth clean and white.

We’ve worked with a special chemist to create colorful brackets that pop and look amazing on your teeth.

Candy Braces™ connect the arch wires to the bracket (rather than using traditional elastic ties), resulting in faster tooth movement, cleaner teeth, and an awesome smile!
TenBrook Blue Candy Braces

Extra Cool and Super Comfortable

Mouth pain from braces is no fun. With our new Candy™ model, the days of uncomfortable braces are over.

Dr. TenBrook’s exclusive braces are made with our special T1 technology, which moves your teeth faster and with less force. That means our braces are more comfortable, and give you longer-lasting results.

While the pops of color from our Candy Braces™  are super cool, the brackets are much smaller than traditional braces brackets. You’ll barely feel them on.
TenBrook Colorful Candy Braces

Enjoy Fewer Appointments

Boy with TenBrook Candy Braces
While our colored braces look awesome, we still want you to get a straight smile as quickly as possible.

With our patented T1 braces technology, your teeth will move into alignment faster than ever.

The average teen spends over 23 visits at the orthodontist adjusting their teeth with braces.

But at TenBrook, you’ll only need 8-10 appointments total. So you can spend more time out with friends doing what you love, and less time in an orthodontist chair.

Let’s Play Tag! Tag Yourself. Tag Us. Tag Your Friends.

Ready for the Coolest Smile Around?

You won’t find this colored braces technology anywhere else in the country. So what are you waiting for? Pick out your colors and get a Candy™ smile today!

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