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5 Reasons to See an Orthodontist This Year

5 Reasons to See an Orthodontist This Year

New Year’s Eve is coming up quick. That means planning all the ways you want next year to be different than the last.

There’s no better time to invest in your confidence, health, and appearance than with afresh year around the corner (thank goodness!).

And what better way to get a start on those 2021 goals than with your smile?

A great smile can take you anywhere in life. Not only will you feel great, but you can boost your health in a variety of ways.

With a beautiful, healthy smile, you can tackle anything that comes at you in 2021—all with confidence and ease.

What can an orthodontist do for your life exactly?

Unlike a dentist who simply cleans your teeth, an orthodontist can straighten and align your teeth and jaw, giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Not only that, but you might just notice some other unexpected benefits from adjusting your smile.

Here are our top reasons to invest in orthodontics in the new year.

1. You’ll Look Amazing

The holidays are always a great time to snap a selfie or pose with some friends for that special holiday card. Why not give yourself something to really smile about with gorgeous teeth?

You can waltz into a new year with your head held high with a straight smile,without ever having to worry about hiding your joy.

Your straight teeth can make you appear that you’re “glowing” and happy. It’s also true that a great smile is contagious, and makes others around you feel good, too.

With TenBrook’s aesthetically-pleasing and low-profile options like Invisalign, T1,and T-Clear braces, your friends and family might not even notice that you’reworking on your smile!

2. A Great Smile Boosts Confidence

Got your eye on a new promotion? Or maybe you’re getting yourself back into the online dating scene?

As an adult, first-impressions are everything. Those pivotal first moments of meeting someone new can have lasting impacts.

It’s even been studied. Those with straight teeth are up to 57% more likely to land a date than those with crooked teeth. Even more, job recruiters admit that appearance does play into who they hire for a new position.

Impress at your next date night and win over a potential employer just by flashing a great smile! No matter the situation, your mood will skyrocket with a confident smile.

And your kids? They’ll benefit from orthodontics just as much as you will. Many children enjoy higher self-esteem and make more friends in school when they have a bright smile.

There won’t be afraid to share their smile with new friends and classmates!

3. Braces Improve Your Oral Health

Orthodontics isn’t all about the looks, either. Correcting crooked teeth and aligning your jaw can have many positive impacts on your oral health.

When your teeth are straight, it can easier to effectively brush and floss your teeth. Cleaner teeth means less trips to the dentist for cavities, and a reduced chance of tooth decay as you age.

You can even improve the quality of your speech and digest food easier with a healthy smile. When your teeth are aligned and equally spaced, you’ll notice that food is easier to chew, which improves your digestion. You also might notice the reduction of lisps and speech issues with a straight smile.

When your teeth and jaw are adjusted with braces (like our T1 or T-Clear options), you automatically cutdown your chance of developing more serious oral health issues like TMJ, gum disease, and more.

4. Improving Oral Health Affects Overall Health

Many parts of your body are interdependent on each other. The same goes for your mouth.

You may not know this, but your orthodontist is helping to improve more than just your teeth. Chronic health issues like head and neck pain are also associated with misaligned teeth, and can be alleviated with orthodontic care.

Plaque build-up in your gums can also lead to more serious health risks down the road, like gingivitis, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

You can also improve your digestive health simply by having orthodontic work done.Straight teeth make it easier to chew and break down food, leaving your stomach feeling balanced and regular.

5. T1 and T-Clear braces are faster than traditional braces or Invisalign

At Tenbrook Orthodontics, our innovative, tiny brackets give you big results, and move your teeth in half the time of traditional braces.

By next New Years, you can already be enjoying the benefits of straighter teeth and a boost in confidence. It doesn’t take a lifetime to get the smile you love.

And no more painful tightening or long trips to the orthodontist. With T1 andT-Clear braces, you won’t feel the same kind of pressure on your teeth as you would with brackets of the past.

Instead,you’ll just enjoy getting to that dream smile in record time.

There’s a reason Dr. TenBrook was awarded Best of Family by Suburban Family Magazine and Top Dentist by South Jersey Magazine.

The proof is in the pudding! TenBrook Orthodontics offers comfortable and reliable options to straighten your teeth and improve your quality of life so that you can focus on the most amazing parts of your life.

So what are you waiting for?

With a sparkling smile, you can tackle everything that comes at you next year with confidence and ease.

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